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Raise funds, attract supporters and get more done.

Robynn James, Your Generosity Coach

There is no magic wand to fundraising, but there is a path, and if you walk it, it works!


  • The answer is YOU! Fundraising happens through relationships. Our work is to build relationships between people in our world, and the service we love. It’s fun, time tested, and effective, a map, with plenty of opportunity for creativity and innovation!
  • All you need to start…
  • 1) A VISION! How much money do you want to raise? Why?
  • 2) A COACH! For you we have even better, an expert teammate, partner and coach!
  • 3) A COMMITMENT! Your coach will train you, assist you, collaborate, step in as needed and guide you, but cannot do it for you, because they are your relationships, your events, and most importantly, your vision!

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YES! for Schools Generosity Circles


Do you have a passion for helping young people achieve their full potential?  YES! for Schools is forming Generosity Circles--trained volunteer fundraising teams across the country who will support the advancement of  our mission:  Creating Stress-Free, Violence-Free Schools.  Contact me to learn more or go to www.youthempowermentseminar.org

Institute for Zen Leadership


Never has the need for enlightened leadership been felt more acutely than it is today.  If you are a corporate leader looking for a better way, go to www.institutezenleadership.org

Embrace Generosity

Learn a better way to approach fundraising.  Start with Art of Generosity. 

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