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The Path – The Art of Generosity


AoG is a progressive volunteer training based in Knowledge as it relates to money, wealth, and abundance, offered in the context of a fundraising process with the goal of actualizing a $1 Million fundraising campaign!  The instruction offers practical methods of donor identification, qualification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship based in the best fundraising practices used by professional fundraising consultants and endorsed by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. 

Love Fundraising?!


Very few people love the IDEA of fundraising.

We’d all rather be humble servants than solicitors. This keeps us “comfortable,” but far from our potential. Worst of all, it keeps the gift we want to give to the world small, reserved only to the few who can afford to receive it, and the few of us to get to give it away. ALSO, it steals an opportunity from MANY people to experience the uplifting joy of being close to this gift and the blessing of GENEROSITY, supporting something that really matters.  

Learn the Art of Generosity!


Part 1- How to Raise $1 million dollars

Part 2-Your Generosity Campaign 

Part 3-The Grants Dance

Part 4-14 Rules to - Maintain and Grow- Thank you, Rinse, Repeat,

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